Who or what is Scentdog?

Hi, I'm Nicola

I set up Scentdog in January 2020 for pet owners and trainers that are looking into getting into scent work with their dogs or looking to expand their toolbox of goodies! Set up as a hobby around my dog training classes, Scentdog has grown enormously since I opened the doors. This goes to show how popular this sport is becoming. It has no age limit or restrictions to any breed and more importantly is well documented that it can be helpful for dogs with behavioural issues or those that just aren't sociable around other dogs. 

When I was starting out having just found scentwork, I spent ages trawling websites searching for small containers from one site and boxes from another, when really all I wanted was to find it all in one place so that I could actually train my dogs and have fun!  

Although one of the most growing sports for dogs in the world there is a distinct lack of products to use - the majority of products I stock have started out with a different purpose - therefore we have to get creative and use our imagination.
Many specific scentwork based kits are expensive as they are more for operational dogs that are already out in the field but if you are looking for items to get you started in a fun and informal way then Scentdog is for you. 

I've done all the hard work for you and even found some unique and strangely geeky items!

I've built kits for pet dog owners just starting out in nose work too instructor kits, aimed at those offering workshops etc. I've tried to keep prices low to make it affordable for all and I continue to source new products all the time.

I run Scentdog around my training business so I'm not always the quickest at replying or posting orders out but strive to do my best with two businesses on the go! 
Me and my dogs

Vinnie who is 9, a reactive German Shepherd. I stumbled upon scent work a number of years ago mainly for him, as he needed something to focus on and we haven't looked back, its created a great bond, mentally challenges us both and provides enrichment and focus in other areas, It has not completely stopped his reactivity but he's so much better.  Sadly, I lost Vinnie unexpectedly in March 2021 - this dog was my whole reason for getting into scent work and my passion for passing this knowledge and fun aspect of training onto others who may shy away because their dog is fearful or reactive.  

Mayer is 7 and also a German shepherd, she was born in rescue, and we brought her home aged 8 weeks. She's a lively girl, always on the go and never seems to tire. She adores scent work, is always up for working and we have so much fun whether it be indoors, in the garden or taken out on our walks. The most methodical search dog I know... who can take 5 minutes to 'clear' a door frame! 

Sully now 2 years old is my Working cocker pup. Proving himself very popular, he now even has his own Facebook and Instagram page! Scentdog_Sully

Avi is the newest addition, a GSD puppy at 6 months old he is the size of a small donkey! You will often see him appear on social media and he's just started his modelling career on the website. 
My Credentials:
I have taken instructor courses with the WSDA (World Scent Dog Association)  

The UK College of Scent Dogs and was one of the first 10 in the UK to hold the latest City and Guilds Scent Detection Handler certificate and am also a UK College Ambassador

I have recently completed the Bronze instructor course from UK Sniffer Dogs.  

I am a positive reward-based trainer that specialises in Scentwork. I also help out with: 
Puppy classes
General Obedience
1-2-1 training 
Training walks

I run classes at Spellbrook Hertfordshire at the Dogability training field CM23 4AT