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Scentdog is designed for all of us. Those who are a little unsure, those who know they want to train and also for those teaching classes

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Take a look at what Scentdog can offer you. There will be the things you expect, plus plenty of surprises and unusual products to entertain, enrich and challenge you and your dogs.

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New to scent work?

Perfect! Welcome! We were all beginners once and know how difficult it can be to decide what to choose. Here we’ve narrowed down the essentials for your first months training scent work with your dog.

Beginners kit

Professional Kit

Don’t misunderstand us, plenty of hobbyists use this kit too, but here you will find the more advanced items in our range to really challenge your dog and your clients.

Training Kit

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Here you can see what other scent workers have bought from us.

Scent Training

List of instructors

We have been assembling a list of instructors across the country. Click here to find someone local to you who can help you and your dog get more out of scent work and your kit

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Professional Trainers

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Scent training

Lessons with Nicola

Apart from running this website, I am first and foremost a trainer in East Herts/Essex. Click here to find out more about what I can offer you, from the basics with your new puppy to teaching your old dog new tricks.

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